What is the PCSDI?

The Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development Index (PCSDI) is a tool that measures, evaluates and compares countries’ commitments to sustainable, fair and equitable development. It has come to life to offer an alternative to the hegemonic, limited view provided by the indicators normally used to measure progress, particularly Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A country’s progress is only progress if it is compatible with that of other countries and the planet as a whole. To explore and measure these interactions, we have devised the PCSDI.

The PCSDI analyses both the policies that make a positive contribution to sustainable development in a country and those that impact negatively, not only on that single country but also on other third countries or on the planet as a whole. The PCSDI draws a complete map of sustainable development.

Unlike other yardsticks such as GDP or the Human Development Index (HDI), the PCSDI is not neutral. It sanctions and/or rewards countries’ behaviour based on an approach that factors in sustainability, gender perspective, ecology, human rights, and a deeply cosmopolitan perspective, without assuming that national policies impact only those living within a country’s borders.

The PCSDI affords and alternative to GDP and the HDI, currently the main yardsticks for setting government policies. It evaluates public policies in an attempt to place people and the planet at the heart of the development model.

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