A multidimensional analysis of policy coherence for development in Spain

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Natalia Millán Acevedo. (Plataforma 2015 y más /ICEI).

Publication date: abril de 2014

This paper offers a succinct analysis of the status of policy coherence for development in Spain by using the four dimensions put forward for the research’s analytical framework, i.e. vertical, horizontal, temporal and cosmopolitan, as benchmarks. To this end, and in order to contextualise human development in Spain, this paper begins with a general description of the austerity policies directly impacting human development and then turns to a multidimensional analysis of PCD. The vertical dimension focuses on health policy and its impact on citizens. The horizontal dimension evaluates the notion of PCD driven by the government and also examines the mechanisms, players and processes implemented between 2012 and 2013. The temporal dimension examines the consistency of PCD efforts over time and, lastly, the cosmopolitan dimension refers to the political discourse emanating from Spain’s national government for promoting the cosmopolitan doctrine.

Millán Acevedo, Natalia (2014): 8.    Un análisis multidimensional de la coherencia de políticas para el desarrollo en España.Colección Papeles 2015 y más, 20.

E-resource: http://www.2015ymas.org/centro-de-documentacion/publicaciones/2014/1565/un-analisis-multidimensional-de-la-coherencia-de-politicas-para-el-desarrollo-en-espana/#.VeVt__ntmko (01/09/2015)

Issues: Policy coherence, human development, public policy in Spain.

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