Building an Index to Measure Policy Coherence for Development

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Pablo Martínez Oses (Plataforma 2015 y más).

Publication date: July 2015

Today, policy coherence for development is vital in all discourse on development. However, the concept has not yet been sufficiently conceptualized or applied in practical terms to become anything more than a theoretical point of reference. The purpose of this paper is to briefly present the work done by the Plataforma 2015 y más to endow the PCD with a broad, practical conceptualization enabling it to guide the design and implementation of public policy on development. This paper focuses on the policy coherence for development index and, in so doing, explains the theory and methodology underpinning it, the approaches taken, its various dimensions and the policies it analyses. The PCD index is built with both pedagogical and political pretensions and aims to enhance knowledge on the most appropriate policy considerations to help tackle development challenges and incentivize policy change needed to better respond to those challenges.

Pablo Martínez Oses (2015): “Construcción de un Índice para medir la Coherencia de Políticas con el Desarrollo”, in Economists without Borders, Otra economía está en marcha II. Dossieres EsF, número 18. Verano 2015. Pp. 23-27.

E-resource: (01/09/2015).

Issues: Policy coherence, index, advocacy, civil society.
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