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The PCSDI is an initiative driven by the Spanish Development NGO umbrella group Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarrollo in cooperation with the Spanish Network for Development Studies REEDES.

The umbrella group comprises a network of 78 member organizations, 5 associates and 17 regional umbrella groups. In all, it encompasses more than 400 development cooperation and humanitarian aid organizations. Present in more than 100 countries, we implement projects on health, education, gender, agriculture, institution building, human rights, childhood, and more. Our organizations also work with in Spain through awareness raising and advocacy. The PCSDI has come to light with the aim to become a solid measurement alternative serving to evaluate, scrutinize and transform public policy within international borders as well as internationally in order to move towards a more just, sustainable and equitable governance model.

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers (sociologists, economists, political scientists and communicators) participated in constructing the index. They worked together with a team of statisticians, computer scientists, graphic designers and communications professionals.

This is the team behind the elaboration of the 2019 PCSDI: Coordination: Mª Luisa Gil Payno. Research and and drafting of texts: Mª Luisa Gil Payno, Pablo José Martínez Osés, Shirley Yamilet Ospina Vargas and José Medina Mateos. Comunication: Yolanda Polo Tejedor, Mª Luisa Gil Payno, Pablo José Martínez Osés and José Medina Mateos. Statistics: Smart&City y Universidad de Cantabria. Website: Neosoft. Edition: Rexmedia.

In addition, a committee made up of members of the Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarrollo and REEDES, participated in devising the PCSDI: Maite Serrano Oñate, Nacho Martínez Martínez, Pablo José Martínez Osés, Marco Gordillo Zamora, Marta Iglesias, Carlos García Paret, Miquel Carrillo Ponce, Antonio Sianes Castaño, Andrés Rodríguez Amayuelas, Teresa Godoy Tapia and Mª Luisa Gil Payno

The PCSDI is the result of ambitious applied research begun by the Plataforma 2015 y más and developed by a team of technical experts over more than five years. The research is the fruit of this platform’s firm belief both in the transformative potential that the concept of policy coherence for development has had over the last few years in re-defining public policy, and in its potential for facing global challenges such as combatting poverty and inequality, climate change and biodiversity loss, and advancing justice, human rights and equity.


cooperacionThis website and the Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development Index project received funding from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo – AECID). The content of the PCSDI and all publications related to it are the sole responsibility of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the AECID or that of any other funder or collaborator.


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